Brightline Trains Cracks Code of Switch to Higher Speed Trains

Brightline Trains has eliminated the biggest obstacle for their potential passengers. With the launch of Brightline+, the premier transportation company harnesses the power of modern technology and a fleet of electric vehicles to make inter-city travel in South Florida that much easier.

As with all train fares, passengers would have to schedule a drop-off from a friend, book a car through a separate rideshare app, or pay hefty fees to park at the train station. And once they arrive at their last stop, they have to figure out how to go the last mile to their final destination.

With the official rollout of Brightline+, passengers can book their train ticket and schedule drop-off and pick-up all in one app.

Brightline already led the way for modern, eco-friendly inter-city rail in America. But with its new integrated platform, Brightline is launching itself far above all other transportation companies as an example of environmental white-glove service. (Take notes, NYC’s MTA.)

The new Brightline+ app allows passengers to book their train tickets and schedule pick-up and drop-off from one of Brightline’s branded Tesla cars, shared electric vans, or Circuit electric shared shuttles. For the rest of the year, passengers can schedule their shared last-mile transport for free or pay a flat rate of $10 for private service.


The rideshare portion of the Brightline+ app is powered by Via, the global leader of TransitTech. Each of Brightline’s branded vehicles is driven by specially trained private chauffeurs.

If a traveler decides they want to drive themselves to the station, they can use the app to pre-book their parking spot and pay in advance. They’ll receive a QR code with their boarding pass that lets them check in and out of Brightline’s parking garage.

Additionally, the Brightline+ app gives passengers access to everything they need for their journeys. Passengers can get real-time updates about their trip and even order food at the station or onboard.

Miami’s mayor, Francis Suarez, claimed, “The return of Brightline’s service and the debut of Brightline+ is a key component to transforming Miami into a major technology hub in the US. With this new innovation in transportation, we are connecting Miami like never before, providing endless business opportunities for the entire region of South Florida.”



Let’s say you’re vacationing in South Florida, and for the bulk of your trip, you’re staying in Palm Beach or Aventura. You’d really like to spend a day or two in Miami, but you don’t want to burn miles on your rental car.

You pull out your phone, download the Brightline+ app, and schedule an affordable round-trip ticket from West Palm Beach to Miami. And because you won’t have a car, you schedule pick up from your current hotel and drop off at Mr. C Hotel in Coconut Grove. The hotel is chic, lush, and perfect for a getaway.

And it was all made possible by the Brightline+ app.

Brightline isn’t anywhere close to calling this its final destination. The company continues to innovate to create a phenomenal travel experience.

The transportation company is currently working with Miami-Dade Transit, Broward County Transit, and Palm Tran to create the first multimodal transit payments integration with high-speed rails in the nation. The company is also working toward introducing Citibikes, scooters, and other transportation options into the Brightline+ package.

By 2022, Brightline intends to have a fully electric fleet to reduce its carbon footprint. At the same time, they’re requesting feedback from their travelers to discover new ways to enhance the experience.


Download the Brightline+ app now, and we’ll meet you in Coconut Grove.

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