CLEAR and Uber Team Up to Make Travel Easier

Some of us grew up with a parent who insisted that the only way to travel was to head to the airport numerous hours before takeoff “just in case.” And some of us had a parent who figured they’d just wing it and hope to make it before the doors closed.

Either way, it can be tricky to determine the precise amount of time you need at the airport before boarding.

And often, you find yourself exploring every nook and cranny of the airport because you arrived early and the line was shorter than you expected, or you’re running to your gate because you gambled on time and the line was crazy long.

Hopefully, both of these scenarios will soon be relics of the past.

Instead of passengers having to rely on the mental calculations of how long they think it’ll take them to drop off their bags, get through security, and walk to their gates, CLEAR and Uber have teamed up to offer a more accurate way to plan your trip to the airport.

CLEAR’s “Home to Gate” feature harnesses Uber’s ride platform technology to help users figure out exactly when to leave for their flight. With Uber’s data-driven insights, the CLEAR app provides travelers with a clearer (ba dum tsss) picture of the time it will take for them to get from their house to their flight.

This new feature offers travelers a more seamless, predictable experience. And isn’t it better when you can start or end a trip without fighting?

We believe Jetiquette is all about making travel easier for everyone, and this feature is the epitome of good Jetiquette.

Passengers can use the CLEAR app to monitor traffic data, TSA wait times, and walking distances in the terminal to reserve a ride through Uber when it’s the best time for them to head to the airport.

CLEAR has been paving the way for streamlined airport experiences since its inception. Their other travel solutions include expedited airport lines, biometric boarding and lounge access, and Health Pass for travel. Now users don’t even have to leave the app to book their ride to the airport.

The CEO of CLEAR, Caryn Seidman-Becker, stated, “Travel is surging back this holiday season, and together with Uber, we are helping travelers have a more predictable and stress-free travel experience. Home to Gate is the next step in our mission to create frictionless experiences, and we are proud to have Uber along for the ride.”

Even if you don’t have a CLEAR Plus membership, you can still use the Home to Gate feature for free in the CLEAR app. However, investing in a CLEAR Plus membership will give you multiple perks, including access to the company’s nationwide network of over 100 expedited security lanes at nearly 40 airports.

You can take advantage of CLEAR’s Home to Gate feature in three easy steps:

  1. Download and open the free CLEAR app and tap on “Home to Gate.”

  2. Share your home or hotel location and flight information, and within seconds Home to Gate will use data-driven insights to tell you what’s the best time to leave for your flight.

  3. Click “Get a Ride with Uber,” and the app will take you to the Uber platform to secure your reservation at the time indicated.

Voilà! You’re off!



Uber’s Head of Mobility in the US and Canada, Dennis Cinelli, said, “We’re thrilled to partner with CLEAR to alleviate some of the holiday travel stress. As we look to a busy holiday season, we’re focused on getting travelers where they need to go as quickly and easily as possible. Our integration with CLEAR will take the guesswork out of travel and give users peace of mind knowing they’ll get to the airport on time.”

So, as you gear up to head out for the holidays or the new year, eliminate the guesswork by downloading the CLEAR app.

We’re ridiculously excited about the launch of the Home to Gate feature because we believe that it really will make travel easier for everyone. We can’t wait to see what CLEAR will come up with to foster Jetiquette in the future.

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