Hello Twitter Friends, and thanks for checking me out.



I have a passion for aviation, but as we all know, Twitter is more about politics and social justice these days, and I’m here for it.


Please give me a follow and let’s work together to make the world a better place as we promote truth, support those who fight for our democracy, stand against greed, injustice, racism, corruption, and scams, and hold those accountable.



We are at a crucial time in history when the truth is under assault, and it’s up to each of us to do our part to call out lies and expose those who propagate them, wherever they may be.



Keep reading below for more info about me and what I stand for.

Inspired by Aviation

Since 2007, I’ve led the Jetiquette®️ campaign to bring more civility to air travel. Recently, there’s been an increase in passengers mistreating airline and airport workers, so a renewed focus on travel courtesy has become more critical than ever.


After a 24-year career with a major airline, I co-founded a television production company to create travel and technology content for cable and broadcast TV. I also co-hosted a TV talk show for three seasons.


Today, I am focused on supporting aviation professionals and other activities centered on aviation and preserving its history.

Labor Activist

Whether pushing back against corporate greed, dirty politics, or business malpractice, I’ve never been afraid to demand fairness, fight corruption, and expose wrongdoing.


As you can probably imagine, when standing against billion-dollar corporations or those desperate to get away with scams, turbulence comes with the territory. Over the years, I’ve lost a job, been sued, and even filed injunctions against me to force my silence. Every time I’ve prevailed in the end, I’ve always had the truth by my side.


To read more about my journey, click here

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