“Wherever we go,
we are all ambassadors.”

Gailen David
Founder & Editor of Jetiquette®️


He is a television producer, activist, humanitarian, and air history preservationist. His passions have always revolved around the airline industry, leading him into a 24-year airline career and a hobby of collecting vintage airline memorabilia. Eventually, he co-founded an exhibition, and retail concept in Coconut Grove centered on the history of Pan American World Airways. The exhibit has a planned reopening in reopen in 2023, focusing on Miami’s commercial aviation history.


Later, he co-founded a television production company that syndicates travel-related programs via cable and other distribution platforms before dedicating himself to Airoplex, a group of aviation-inspired enterprises.


Gailen enjoys speaking on Jetiquette, the airline industry, how travel has changed through the years, and the latest travel trends. His speaking engagements have included events presented by American Airlines, Air Transat, Association of Flight Attendants, Middle East Airlines, Protocol School of Washington, Sabre, Southern California Safety Institute, Transport Canada, and other aviation, travel, and hospitality organizations. 


Gailen also serves as an on-air travel expert to media outlets such as CNN, HLN, MSNBC, NPR, and others.


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“Jetiquette…The Customer Experience and You”

The Jetiquette Customer Experience Training Program has been recognized by Travel Weekly Magazine and presented with “The Magellan Award” in 2008.

Gailen’s from-the-heart program focuses on showing front-line workers how valuable they really are and shared his own methods for recognizing and savoring the many rewards that come from making the travel experience special for others. 


“Travel Weekly Magellan Award” Winner

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