Brightline LA to Las Vegas


Brightline has been a great success in South Florida, offering service between Miami and West Palm Beach. Of course the pandemic paused things, but once normal service resumes, new stations will be brought on line at PortMiami, Aventura, Boca Rato.


By 2022, the long awaited extension linking Miami to Orlando will be completed



Brightline Coming to Southern California

New service between Southern California and Las Vegas is on track to launch in 2023. The service will cut travel times in half! What West Coast Brightline travelers will discover is that the time-savings is only the beginning. The high-quality experience is one of the best parts of what Brightline brings to a region.




Making your reservations to travel on Brightline is similar but easier than booking an airline seat. You’re able to choose the available trains and seats from Smart or Select (First Class) seating options. Pricing changes based on availability, so if you’re flexible, you can find a train that’s not as heavily-booked and get a lower fare. If you’re able to, book Select, it’s well worth it!


In the Stations


Brightline stations are like the most well appointed airport terminals. Travelers have the option of checking in via kiosk, at the counter, or via the mobile app.

There’s even a premium lounge for those booked in Select cars of the train, complete with.

complimentary beverages and hors d’ oeuvres. For those booked in the Smart section,

there are spacious departure lounge areas with easy access to station shops and dining options.



If you’d like to get some work done during your Brightline trip, the Premium lounges also offer workstations and conference rooms.


The onboard service offerings include soft drinks, cocktails, and snacks. They are available for purchase in the Smart section and are complimentary in Select.



One of the best parts of Brightline is how they treat pets. I traveled with my two dogs and they make it so easy. I needed to check in at the counter since I was traveling with my pets, but it took less than 5 minutes.

Transportation on Each End


Using a ride share or even a free-ride service is the best way to do it. I guarantee using Brightline is a better option than driving. You can relax or get work done during the trip and avoid the stress that comes with driving on crowded expressways.

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