Meet The Canine Ambassadors Of Fairmont Hotels

It’s amazing to watch what happens when you bring a dog Into a hotel lobby. Smiles pop up everywhere, body language softens, and friendly conversations between strangers begin to pull people away from the preoccupations that come with travel.

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts currently has 18 Canine Ambassadors at select properties in the U.S. and Canada, as well as Kenya, that are bringing a warm and fuzzy feeling to the guest experience.

Two of the newest members of the Canine Ambassador corps are Cori and Georgie!

Cori Copley — Fairmont Copley Plaza


Cori Copley, Canine Ambassador, Fairmont Copley Plaza 

Photo: Zack Deus Photography

Boston’s Fairmont Copley Plaza recently announced the arrival of Cori Copley!

Cori is a two-year-old female black Labrador adopted from the Guide Dog Foundation, a Long Island, NY-based nonprofit organization that provides trained guide dogs to those who are blind or visually impaired. During Cori’s guide dog training, her trainer noticed that she was more suited to be a pet rather than a working dog, which resulted in a wonderful career change into hospitality. She follows in the pawsteps of Carly Copley, now retired, and the hotel’s first Canine Ambassador, the famous Catie Copley.

“The Guide Dog Foundation is thrilled to continue the tradition of placing a career change dog at Fairmont Copley Plaza,” says John Miller, Guide Dog Foundation President and CEO. “Cori is a charismatic dog and we know she’ll bring plenty of smiles, and companionship, to all who visit and stay at their property.”

Cori’s doghouse is located at the main entrance of the hotel. Photo: Zack Deus Photography

Guest will be able to visit with Cori in the lobby accompanied by her handler Joe Fallon, who is also the Concierge of Fairmont Copley Plaza. Her shifts at the concierge desk are Sunday to Thursday from 7AM to 3PM.

“During the short time Cori has been at our hotel, she has become an essential part of the front office team, and is quickly turning into a Boston celebrity,” said Joe Fallon, Concierge at Fairmont Copley Plaza. “It feels special to have another Canine Ambassador under my care for the second time. I can confidently say that Cori has the best job in the world!”

Travelers missing their own pet or looking for a furry companion on the road can reserve the hotel’s Canine Adventure Package, which includes a walk with Cori, a stuffed Cori Copley plush toy, and a pawtographed copy of “Catie Copley’s Great Escape.” Plus, Fairmont Copley Plaza will donate $10 per night to the Guide Dog Foundation.

For those wishing to follow Cori’s adventures virtually, Cori even has her own Instagram page @CoriCopley to connect with fans from all over the world.


Cori visits with her plush toy lookalikes at the Fairmont Store. Photo: Zac Deus Photography

One of Cori’s nearby colleagues, who is on staff at the Fairmont Washington DC, is named Georgie!

Georgie — Fairmont Washington DC

Guests of Fairmont Washington DC Georgetown may get a chance to to meet Georgie, the friendly Canine Ambassador based in our nation’s capital.

Georgie’s arrival at her new home at Fairmont Washington

DC in November 2018. Photo by Jacqui

Georgie was adopted from Guiding Eyes for the Blind in November of 2018 after it was discovered that she had a personality perfectly suited for hospitality. Guiding Eyes for the Blind provides dogs to the blind and visually impaired.

“Every Guiding Eyes dog is an extraordinary animal born with a purpose,” said Kathy Zubrycki, VP of Training Programs at Guiding Eyes for the Blind. “Puppies receive a tremendous amount of early training and socialization during the first few weeks of life, and though not every pup is a suited for guide work, many go on to other exciting careers or may become exceptional companions and pets. That’s how Georgie came to become Fairmont’s new Canine Ambassador, and we’re thrilled for her to join the Fairmont family.”

Georgie has a comfortable part-time home in the hotel lobby, where guests can visit and assist her with her socialization. She often attends meeting breaks to visit with groups, and takes walk around Georgetown. Come evening, Georgie heads home with Dad, Mark Huntley, the hotel’s general manager and regional vice president.



Guests on the road with their own canine companion can do even more to share the puppy love.   Every time they book the Puppy Love Package and check-in with dog in tow, Fairmont Washington D.C., Georgetown will donate $25 to Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

And Georgie is not the only canine that receives V.I.D. (Very Important Dog) treatment at Fairmont Washington D.C., dogs arriving at the hotel (with their owners of course) are greeted with healthy peanut butter treats handmade by the pastry team.

Fairmont Washington D.C. Georgetown’s no-charge Pet Program includes lots of other practical items like walking maps to nearby parks, a list of nearby, pet-friendly restaurants and cafes.  The finishing touch, a special sign for your door – the green paw means, “please service room, animal companion exploring city.”  Flip sides to the red paw and Spot can slumber on, “do not disturb, animal companion napping.”

Georgie hosts the annual “Howl-O-Ween” event where hotel guests and locals gather at Fairmont Washington for a Halloween costume contest.

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