© Gailen David

“When you’re generous with your ideas, your creativity will gift you with many, many more.”

— Gailen David

Gailen David created the original concept for “The Jet Set” TV show in 2013.

These drawings are based on Gailen’s vision for the studio of “The Jet Set.”

He envisioned a travel-related TV show with a set design incorporating actual airliner sections with inspiration borrowed from a Pan American World Airways exhibit he co-founded in Coconut Grove, Florida though a collaboration with Pan Am Brands.


Pan Am invented the original “jet-set” of chic, high-society globetrotters when they introduced intercontinental Boeing 707 jet-service, dramatically shortening transoceanic travel times. The “People of Pan Am,” shaped the public’s perception of air-travel with unwavering hospitality and professionalism.

With the help of his friends at Atlantic-Models and Quality Aircraft Interiors, the set was adorned with its signature wing-desk and classically restored vintage 747 first-class seats.